Why NEC SV9500 Phone System Useful for Government and Enterprise Business

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5 min readOct 14, 2022


The UNIVERGE SV9500 Communications Server is a robust, feature-rich platform, perfect for geographically distributed enterprises and governments. With its fully integrated Unified Communications capabilities the SV9500 will empower your users, allowing them to communicate in new and exciting ways. A complete solution with video and audio conferencing, messaging, directory, presence, contact centre, soft phones and mobile clients. The UNIVERGE SV9500 provides the communications features Australian enterprises demand.

The UNIVERGE SV9500 offers:

  • A powerful IP communications platform with integrated Unified Communications, Mobility, and Unified Messaging.
  • Seamlessly mix and match IP telephony with high density traditional services.
  • Easy to use web based management tool for day to day moves, adds and changes.
  • Integration to existing corporate directories to allow automatic provisioning of phones and UC features.
  • The choice of deploying as a high availability appliance or as virtualised software.

Grow your business with Smart Communications

Business Agility

Adaptive IT and empowered mobile workforces that are more responsive to business.

Cloud Delivery

Flexible deployment models that enable business growth and increased efficiencies

Collaborative Communities

Powerful tools that provide a rich user experience for collaboration across organisations.

Assured Services

High availability, secure and scalable infrastructure designed for business continuity.

A platform that grows with your business

Blade architecture

High density traditional services like analogue phones and ISDN interfaces can be plugged into the 7RU PIR (18 cards per PIR). Alternatively 1RU multiple purpose chassis or 2RU UG50 gateways can be deployed anywhere in your network to accommodate conferencing, SIP trunks, ISDN, analogue or digital phones.

Scales with you

One SV9500 delivers over 6,000 IP extensions. One 7U chassis can power nearly 300 traditional phones.

Need more?

Chain multiple PIR’s in a stack. You now have a system capable of nearly 6,000 traditional phones.

Still need more?

Link multiple stacks on the same site or spread across the globe — up to a maximum of 192,000 extensions.

Easy to manage

The UCE manager is an intuitive, easy to use, web — based management tool for managing phones, unified messaging and all of your unified communications clients.

Integrated to your corporate directory phones can be provisioned and kept up to date automatically.

Phones can detect the SV9500 settings, so you simply plug in a new phone and log -in — no need to configure each and every phone.

Easy to deploy, built to last

The NEC SV9500 is built to be distributed. Place SV9500’s in your data centres to handle the load. You can further improve reliability with redundant power, LAN and CPU’s.

Deploy 1RU multi –purpose chassis for small sites and for connecting traditional services in remote locations.

Deploy survivable media gateways for larger sites. If the WAN fails, the system will continue functioning with no need for user intervention.

Unified Communications for Enterprise

Integrated directory

You can lookup contacts from your corporate directory, your Outlook contacts or even personal entries complete with associated profile pictures — you will always have the numbers you need no matter where you go.

Real-time presence

Knowing someone’s details is great but knowing if they are available to communicate with is game changing. From your PC, your phone or even the web, you can instantly see if the person is available to communicate by looking at the simple colour coded icons — making communication fast and simple.

Click to call

Never type a number to call again, look up the person you want to call and simply click to initiate the call. Or highlight the number on your PC from a web page, Office application or a text entry field and press a shortcut key to dial the number.

Send instant messages

Send messages to a single person or to a group and chat in real time. Allowing users to get the information they need without being as intrusive as a phone call or a face to face meeting.

Control any phone

With UCE you can work anywhere, and control any phone. If you are working in a temporary office or at home, type in your new number into your UCE client and have calls to your desk automatically routed to the new phone. Click to call from the application and the system will initiate the call from the new phone — all calls are charged back to your company’s phone system, and the person called only sees your business number.

Intelligent calling

You control how you want to be contacted, based on the number of the person who is calling and your presence. When you are at your desk calls ring on your desk phone. When away you can have calls ring your cordless, mobile and desk phones. If your boss calls and you are in a meeting (based on your outlook calendar) automatically send the call to your mobile and all other calls go straight to voicemail. You only ever need to tell people your desk phone number and you are always contactable.

Communicate with anyone

By using open standards it is possible to integrate your IM and presence with others outside your organisation, so you can see if your business partner or customer is available to communicate. From there you can simply click to call or send instant messages.

Simplify your purchase

Confusion and agitation are a thing of the past with the SV9500’s simplified user license structure. Just pick and choose which features your employees require (Basic, UC or UC plus). It really is that simple.



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