Tips for Selecting Unified Communication for Small Businesses

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4 min readNov 21, 2022


Are your employees and customers satisfied with the communication platform in place? Do you need a new unified communication system for your small-scale business? Whatever be your requirements, this decision can be one of the deciding factors in the success of your business and making this decision can get overwhelming.

There is no singular way of selecting the right communication platform for your business. Every business has different requirements and solutions. But there are a few considerations that might help you choose better. Let us help you go through some of these considerations in this article.

What is Unified Communication?
Unified communication is a platform that integrates various enterprise communication services such as voice calls, video calls, instant messaging, mobility features, presence information, etc. These services are integrated to provide a complete business communication solution.

1. Know Your Current Requiements
The first thing you want to know is the kind and extent of communication challenges that your workforce experiences on a daily basis if you already have a communication system in place. Or if you are starting a new small-scale business, plan about the communication facilities that you want to provide your new staff. Analyse these challenges and the solutions that can be provided to ease the hurdles. This knowledge will help you make better decisions when researching the market and communication solutions offered by various vendors.

2. Consider Existing Infrastructure
If you already have a communication system in place and are looking for options to replace it, you might want to go with the one that requires minimum changes and offers maximum returns. Some existing telephone systems can be easily upgraded to their latest versions and this upgrade will be easier than having to remove the existing infrastructure and replace it with new ones. For example, if your workplaces are already using NEC Univerge 8100 or 8300, and you select to upgrade it with NEC Univerge SV9100, the migration will be easier.

3. Assess The Cost of Ownership
The cost of ownership of a new business communication platform is an important factor to consider. Apart from providing an impeccable channel of communication to your workforce and customers, the main goal here can be to ensure maximum returns on investment. The costs of setting up a unified communication system should not put a burden on your budgetary constraints and limit your other investments. Also, you must conduct thorough research to know if other vendors are charging similar for equivalent services. The costs can be reduced if you are able to migrate to a new platform using some parts of the old communications infrastructure.

4. Gauge Future Requirements
Every business has a plan to grow in future. If you plan to scale up your business too, you might want to check the scalability option offered by a communication system. The option with better flexibility and ease of adding new users when required is your right choice. Also, communication technology keeps changing regularly. You should select a telephone system that allows you to integrate new features as and when required easily.

5. Support For Mobile Devices
Mobile devices simplify the use of communication platforms manifolds. Many communication systems offer the option for softphones that allow connecting to the telephone system using software on computer or mobile phone devices. Employees can also use these devices regardless of their locations especially when working remotely. The lack of infinite loops of cables also improves the ambience of a workplace and can reduce the number of workplace safety compliance requirements to fulfil.

6. Ease of Use
A telephone system for businesses would fail despite having the most advanced features if the end-users are not satisfied with its interface. It must be easier to operate and hence be time-saving for employees on a daily basis. A complex interface might require special training for employees before using the communication system and engaging employees for longer than necessary may hinder their performance. Telephone systems that are easy to use are better preferred any day.

7. Vendor Customer Support
Every communication system requires some maintenance from time to time. Especially if your business has real-time consequences to face as a result of any break in the communication channel, this factor matters the most for you. It is necessary to ensure that the vendor you select provides after-sales customer support in case of emergencies or breakdowns. Ongoing customer support is one of the most important value-added services that the right vendors provide. You may also check other consumer reviews of the vendor’s services online to make an informed decision.

What can NEC’s SV9100 Unified Communications Suite Offer?
NEC Univerge SV9100 Unified Communication Suite is a system that empowers your workforce with new handsets and applications. It is built based on the game-changing SV8100 technology and provides twice the system capacity along with being cost-effective from 10 to over 800 users. It is suitable for businesses of every scale.

It offers a comprehensive suite of unified communications solutions with high reliability and a simplified user licensing structure. Some of the most distinguishing features of the NEC SV9100 unified communications suite include:

  • Versatile architecture including IP system, digital system, or both
  • Exceptional scalability
  • Easy configuration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy migration from NEC Univerge SV8100 and SV8300

The Takeaway:
Making the right choice while selecting a small business telephone system is not easy. Providing an adequate and reliable communications platform is, after all, one of the most important aspects of running a business. The listed tips might help you make a better choice as per the information available. A communication systems provider can also help here. Look for a successful communication expert near you and discuss your business requirements today.



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