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Businesses are spending more and more on technology, and your company probably needs the same. But how do you set aside money that can help grow your business? Investing in innovative software solutions will give you the competitive edge you need.

When companies can harness these powerful tools in the workplace, they can help employees work smarter and faster — improving business results and cutting costs.

One such system is NEC phone systems, which help you implement automated features and policies to save time and increase efficiency. With its flexible architecture, NEC phones can be easily tailored to meet your needs by integrating into an existing VOIP infrastructure or virtual private network (VPN) connection.

NEC provides complete wireless phone and data solutions that support businesses in their mission to strive for excellence. From the beginning, NEC designed its wireless solutions to offer compelling value without sacrificing performance, capacity, and reliability. This blog will give you complete insights into the key features and benefits of the NEC Telephone System.

Today’s modern phone systems offer many innovative features that enhance how businesses communicate with customers and employees. These systems can seamlessly connect employees, customers, suppliers, and clients through a modern-day collaboration solution. Businesses that invest in flexible communications solutions can find a leg up in an increasingly fast-paced and competitive environment bolstered by technology.

An effective phone system is an essential component of a successful business. Without the right technology, providing your customers with the service they deserve and staff with the tools they need to be efficient isn’t easy.

Key features of NEC telephone systems

SL Desktop Suite

NEC phone systems are designed with ease of use in mind. They are not just handsets but a complete phone system easily accessible through the desktop. It lets you control phone calls from your PC; you can manage calls and access contacts from your system. It also allows you to integrate Microsoft Office and third-party CRM to streamline your sales and communication process.

Enhanced voice mail

You can easily check messages from anywhere at any time. Also, you can access and listen to the emailed audio file on your computer. This option is also available if you are away from your phone and wish to check your voicemail.

Mobile connectivity

Giving your phone number again and again won’t happen. It is because of the introduction of NEC SV9100 phones. You can use the office number on your home line.

Unified Communication

NEC is an all-in-one unified communication solution that boosts collaboration, communication, and information sharing between workers at home or in the office. Distance must not be the obstacle in the way of your communication. With NEC, you’ll have unified communication among workers, whether at home, on the road, or in the office. It ensures that your communication with your co-workers and clients will remain uninterrupted.

It is the best communication solution for business, for example, you can schedule and join conference calls, send and receive an email, share a single voicemail system, and easily share data between co-workers. It will help make it easier for people who work together or are scattered around the office. You can create a team calendar, so everyone knows about meetings and events together. And you’ll also be able to keep track of messages, making it easier to transfer quotes and updates to other team members.

Cascade Notifications Make Sure You Never Miss a Call

NEC’s cascade notifications mean you never have to miss an important call, you can always be on top of an important call. When a caller leaves a new message in your inbox, NEC will call you at up to five destinations to let you know what you missed. So, if you’re handling a call at your desk, your mobile alert will precisely notify you when a new message comes in. And that could make the difference when trying to catch a client before they hop on that flight to Japan. With this feature, you’ll never miss an important client call again!

Benefits of Having NEC phone system

NEC telephone system are designed to enhance employee engagement and collaboration. It also helps to build better customer relationship. It comes with numerous innovative features that transforms your business operations, significantly increase productivity and efficiency.

NEC telephone systems offer many business benefits such as:

Increase mobility

NEC phone systems provide the communication options you need to work across multiple devices on any network. Ideal for employees who work at home, NEC phone systems integrate seamlessly with mobile devices to support flexible and remote working. These voice data and fax lines offer the convenience of corporate VoIP phones without sacrificing the affordability or flexibility necessary for today’s mobile workforce.

Increase productivity

The phone systems are user-friendly and intuitive. They’re intuitive for your employees, so they can easily learn how to use them. The available features, such as speed dialing, call forwarding, and transfer, are easy to use. For customers and prospects, there are a variety of options to choose from. With desktops with easy-to-use features like headset shortcuts and easy call handling, you’ll save time and energy while helping others resolve important calls faster than before.

Improve service

Not only does NEC offer an extensive range of phone system options, but it also gives you the ability to tailor your package to fit what you need in terms of features and style. When you use an NEC phone system, you can always be available when your customer needs you. Use caller ID to add a personalized greeting when you answer the phone and always be able to take an incoming call without having to dial a number if you’re not where you should be. And all our systems offer professional features such as business calling plans and extended hours, so your workers don’t have to worry about missing important calls at home or work.

Reduce expenses

You need a fully functional, flexible, and up-to-date system to help your bottom line. We understand choosing a new phone system requires a big investment. But an NEC phone system gives a great return on your investment. For example, it reduces your business costs by combining voice and data using the same cables. Voice and data convergence allows you to simplify your utilisation of the network. You can also cut the cost of a receptionist by setting up the phone system to go directly to the correct person.


The telephone system is a key component of your business, and our innovative solutions give you the tools to maximize your productivity and efficiency. From our intuitive touch-tone dialling to innovative features like call waiting, we’ve developed solutions that make communicating easier for everyone.

If you’re looking for the best possible telecommunication solution for your business, you’ve come to the right place. Necall voice and data phone systems are designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses.



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