6 Features of Unified Communication Solutions to look for

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Does your business not succeed despite all the efforts you put in terms of investments and providing resources to your staff? Do you often feel at a loss when it comes to contacting your remote working employees? You might be missing to upgrade an important part of your infrastructure.

It is providing your workforce with a powerful and efficient communication platform. Without a reliable communication method, your employees might fail to put in quality work and that may lead to poor business outcomes eventually.

We will help you understand the top features of this defining technology that can make all the difference in the way your employee teams collaborate internally and maintain business continuity with customers.

What are Unified Communications?

A communication platform that provides features to integrate all the major business applications and channels in which its employees exchange information is known as unified communication. It contains features to communicate via audio, video, and text formats, transfer and access files, and allow collaborative work to employees.

It is equally important when interacting with customers and offers features that enhance the customer service experience. It can also be availed on a subscription basis when the communication system is hosted on the cloud and is known as Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) or simply, hosted communications.

How does it work?

All the collaboration and communication can be accessed on one central hub. It is easier to collaborate in real-time and switch between different communication methods and business applications. Unified communication solutions work with the help of multiple back-end platforms or systems. These platforms may include UC server, video bridge, private branch exchange phone system (PBX), voice over internet protocol system VoIP, or business communication gateways.

The back-end works to integrate different applications and the front-end works to provide employees with a seamless user experience. It does not require users to have previous experience or training to be well versed with this technology.

How unified communication solutions to help your business

All features offered by unified communications can help employees enhance productivity and businesses grow. But there are a few that stand out and take the communication service level beyond traditional business telephone systems. Let us have a look at some most famous features of unified communication.

· Voicemails

You might be wondering that voicemails were offered by traditional systems. Where is the difference? The difference lies in the way users can now access voicemail. They can be delivered to emails to be accessed on computers, mobile phones, traditional telephone handsets, regardless of their location. Users only require a single point for UCC, connectivity and voice traffic to access their voicemail on the go.

· Softphones

These are the software that can be downloaded and installed on computers or mobile phones. Once set up, they can be used as the primary point of contact for all outgoing and incoming communications. They help make or receive voice and video calls, text messages, share files, collaborate, etc. Their only requirements are a few hardware and system software specifications and a working internet connection. Users can connect with others in real-time without the need to carry a phone device or be in their office all the time.

· Conference Calls

Conference calls have proved to be irreplaceable and are a part of standard unified communication solutions. They provide a way for employees to have important discussions without the need to travel anywhere. Everyone can be at their designated places and be a part of organisation-wide online meetings. It helps reduce business travel costs and increase convenience. This feature is particularly important for businesses operating from more than one location.

· Integrated applications

Integrating various business applications allows for a better and smarter way of communication. Users need not open multiple applications to access different data. It can all be accessed from one place. For example, instant messaging, voice calls, video calls, file sharing, etc. can all be easily done with Microsoft teams integration.

· Video

Video calls have long replaced voice calls, especially for remote workers. The ability to see the other person while communicating and collaborating for work can enhance the effectiveness of the work. It is meant to replace in-person communication where possible and reduce the need for people to travel. Unified communications support video calls using softphones and cameras.

· Cloud-based

Unified communications solution allows businesses to move from dedicated devices and servers in workplaces that used to take up much space and were prone to high maintenance. Now, everything is hosted on the cloud, and it lowers the maintenance cost dramatically. Not to mention the free space you have in offices. You can choose to build this system on existing cloud infrastructure or use UCaaS to save operational costs.

Where can you get it from?

Many communication services providers offer a range of unified communication services based on your business requirements. You can research and contact them to get a customised solution for your requirements. The selection of the right service provider can be a tricky task at hand. Some of the following tips can make this process easier for you:

  • Know your business communication requirements
  • Conduct market research
  • Contact a few chosen communication service providers
  • Study their customer reviews
  • Know the after-sales support offered
  • Consider budgetary requirements


Unified communications are the platform you want to provide your employees with for increased productivity, efficient communication with customers, and seamless scalability options. If you still do not have this technology deployed in your workplace, you are missing something that can turn your business for the better. Contact your nearest business communications services provider today and know more about what solutions can provide for your requirements.



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